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Hull Rapid Play Sunday 27th 2016 10.15 - 16.15 At the Lawns Centre Cottingham HU16 4RE



Welcome to Hull and District Chess Association Website

Looking for a new Hobby or Interest ? Are you new to chess or looking to improve?

Are you an experienced player looking for a new challenge or stronger opponents?

Do you want to represent your local club in league competitions?

On this site you will find Junior Chess, Chess clubs in the area, a calendar of events, History of chess in Hull, Chess Congress information, and much more.

From beginner to expert, Son or Daughter,  Adult or Junior, we are sure the Hull & District Chess Association  can assist in accommodating all your chess needs. Our aim is to bring to the attention of as many people as possible, the benefits of playing chess and the focus and attention it can help within life`s progress from all age groups. 

To someone who has no knowledge of  how to play chess, but have watched two people playing, their must be a sense of `Mystery` and `Intrigue` about the game and the chess pieces as the expressions on the players` faces decline and skew as the game progresses ! You also can be a part of this `Intrigue`, and equip yourself with the rules and tools of the trade to become a part of this wonderful Intellectual Interest we call `Chess`.  Do not be put off by others saying “Oh it’s a hard game to learn”  -  The game is easy to learn, but once you have learned you will be amazed how fast you will progress and increase in strength with regular coaching and participation in any of our clubs within the Hull & District Association.

The Hull & District Chess Association was formed around 1951 although there have been other Chess Associations within the area around the 1900 period. The Association aims to promote the game of chess at all levels by providing League and Cup tournaments for both teams and individuals. It also aims to provide links between local chess clubs, and for a number of years, the Association have staged an annual weekend Chess Congress/tournament which is very popular with players from all parts of the country, and is one of the longest running weekend tournaments of its kind nationally with such competitors as the late Grandmaster Tony Miles, Grandmaster Aaron Summerscale,International Master Matthew Turner plus many more !

The Association have also promoted many Simultaneous exhibitions. Some notable and historical previous visits to Hull for such events have been : J.A.Blackburne, Alexander Alekhine, Boris Kostich, F.D.Yates, B.H.Wood, Leonard Barden, R.G.Wade, Harry Golombek, Vladimir Tukmakov, Vlastimil Hort, Tony Miles, Nigel Short,  Michael Adams and many more !

SO COME AND GET INVOLVED BECAUSE : The Association can help in finding a club to suit you ! All clubs will offer you a friendly atmosphere and will assist in your chess `learning` whatever level you currently are.  We can help in junior coaching and events, and parents are always welcome to stay or wait with their children while juniors are `Chess Active`  within their club room. We welcome parents to become `Involved` in the chess calendar, and any assistance  you may wish to help with is warmly welcomed and noted by the Hull & District Chess Association !

Chess became very popular in the 70’s as a result of the world championship match between Bobby Fischer (U.S.A.) & Boris Spassky (U.S.S.R.).  Many viewed this match as an extension of the Cold War. Not only did chess in the U.K. boom because of this event, but chess around the world in general `raised its profile` due to the incredible interest around the globe of such a politically dynamic struggle both on, and off the chessboard !

The internet has many sites for people to play each other at chess, and now in the 21st century chess computers have become a strong `match` for the top chess players around the world, some Grandmasters refusing to play in such challenge matches after Garry Kasparov was defeated by the monster `Deep Blue` in 1997  !

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